Monday, September 8, 2008


Sorry, I'm not consistent with my blog posting but I'm trying to do better. Tonight is WI and I admit I'm somewhat dreading it. Some days I felt like I did pretty well but they were few.

Update on the small group study materials. I mentioned it to the people that order stuff for the church and they gave me the run around. They said I would have to submit a proposal to the board and junk like that. The next working day. I sent an email to both of them and copied it to the associate pastor who had told us the church could get materials for us. I was very nice but very direct. I got a call today telling me my material for the small group study are in. I'm right happy with myself. Of course in the course of the conversation I was told I would have to return the leaders guide when I was finished with it. I didn't need to be told that but I guess it made the girl feel better to tell me anyway.

Gotta run. Hope ya'll had a great weekend. I'll try to post tomorrow with my WI results.


Deborah said...

Some days at doing pretty good are a lot better than no days. Remember, baby steps. All ya gotta do is take baby steps. This is a new life style you are trying to get a hold on and look at how many years you were holding onto the old one. It's not going to happen all at once. And all you can do is try. So, hitch up them britches and keep on tryin'.

MaryFran said...

How did you do at your weigh in? I've found in the past that facing the meeting no matter how I did is the best in the long run!

I'm so glad that the materials issue for your small group turned out so satisfactorily! Go you for standing your ground!