Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep going

Well I went to WW last night and lost 1 lb in the last two weeks. That may not sound great but I'll take it.

Our leader talked about portion control and about the need to measure. She said if we want chips, fine but measure out 1 oz or whatever the serving size is don't just assume you know what an oz. looks like. One lady said she loves the low fat Pringles and can and has eaten the whole can but she now counts out the number the can says is a serving and puts them in baggies so they are ready to grab in the morning. Good idea but would require some planning.

She talked a lot about zero point foods. Basically eating a bunch of zero points does become points at some time. She gave the example of the 10 calorie Jello packs. One is zero points but three are 1 point. Well, I don't know about you but I could eat five of those without even thinking about it.

WW has started a Lose for Good food campaign. For the next six weeks WW will donate one lb of food for each pound its members loses up to 1 millions pounds of food. I thought that is pretty cool. We were given a chart to put on our ref to keep up with our pounds. The leader said if we wanted to participate personally to contribute 1 lb of food for each pound we lose. Bring it the last night and she will take it to a charity that distributes food. I think this will be good motivation for me to stay on track for the next few weeks. I came home and got a can of beans out of the pantry to represent the pound I lost last week.

Well, don't have anything else to report, work is OMG busy. No time to visit blogland. For some reason I am expected to work! Imagine that. Year end will soon (9/30) come and go, life will return to normal by the end of October. I hope.


MaryFran said...

Congrats on the weight loss! YOu are right, any loss is a GREAT thing! :-)

You are right, zero point foods do have points eventually if you eat enough. I think a lot of people fall off that particular cliff!

Deborah said...

WooHoo on the loss!!!!!

You are doing a great job!!!

kikimonster said...

A loss is ALWAYS better than a gain! Much of weight loss is planning ahead :)

JC said...

Good girl. Better than Birthday week. Glad your staying for the meeting.