Tuesday, August 26, 2008


O.K. I did it and I'm proud I did it!! I weighed in last night and would you believe I lost 3 lbs!! The lady that weighed me in told me how well I was doing she said to expect a 1 lb lost each week. She said since I missed last week then I was well on target. The leader gave me a bookmark for coming back. She said it was for putting stickers on when I get stickers. HEY, I like getting stuff. I thought that was silly but if it works it works.

I stayed for the meeting. The leader discussed crazy hungry and over stuffed. She said we should eat in the middle of the two. Eat when you first start feeling hungry and stop for a few minutes after you eat half of your food. If you decided you are satisfied or no more hungry pains, then stop but if not eat half of what is left and repeat the process. Now I have to admit this sounds simple enough but I had never thought of it. I usually wolf down as much food as I can and 30 minutes later I don't even remember what I ate.

She also talked about and the other members discussed how to recognize physical hunger. I honestly am not sure I've ever experienced it. This week I'm going to
  • wait until I feel physical hunger
  • make healthy choices
  • slow my eating down and actually taste the food
  • eat half, wait, assess if I'm still hungry, if so, eat half or all if necessary.
  • eat until satisfied not stuffed (this will be a major victory)

She also talked about how core foods can help fill up us and keep us full longer. Great meeting.

Thanks to all of y'all for hanging in here with me. It means more than I can verbalize. Consider yourself hugged. Have a great day.


Chrissie said...

Good job on the loss. That's awesome. Sounds like an awesome meeting. I go to WI on Wednesday so I will see how I did this week.

kikimonster said...

Rock on! Make sure to keep going to meetings. It provides a lot of motivation.

Deborah said...

Awesome loss! You Rock!!

Those wonderful motivational meetings are really a help. Those were good tips too.

My problem is when I let myself get really hungry I start eating too fast. I have to make myself stop and put my fork down and breath for a while before I start again but I'm going to try out the half way through suggestion. That sounds better.

I'm so proud of you!!!!! :o)

JC said...

Way to go. I'm proud of you and for you. Great idea about eating half then waiting awhile. Thanks for sharing it. Grace and blessings to you.